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Contact us for expert assistance in finding recertified lab equipment. Amp Tech Instruments prioritizes excellence, service, and sustainability, offering top-quality equipment at competitive prices. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions and exceptional customer support.

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Call Us:(844) 267-8324

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How can I sell my equipment to you?

To sell your equipment, simply contact our customer service team or fill out our online form. We will guide you through the process.

What types of equipment do you accept for purchase?

We accept a wide range of laboratory equipment, including analytical instruments, lab tools, and specialized machinery. Contact us to discuss your specific items.

Do you buy equipment in any condition?

Yes, we consider equipment in various conditions, including new, used, and even non-functional. Reach out to us with the details of your equipment, and we will assess its value.

How do you determine the price for my equipment?

Our pricing is based on factors such as equipment condition, market demand, brand, and age. Our team of experts will evaluate your equipment and provide a fair price offer.

Can I trade in my equipment for credit towards a purchase?

Absolutely! We offer trade-in options where you can apply the value of your equipment towards the purchase of new equipment from us. Contact us to explore this option.

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