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LC MS Price Guide for New, Used & Refurbished LCMS Buyers

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The first decision you will need to make is the type of LC MS you need, what configuration is best suited for your testing requirements. Assuming you already have a pretty good idea what you need, or at the very least know one LCMS model and configuration that will serve your needs, then it is time to decide between buying your LC MS system new, used or refurbished. 

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Researching LC MS prices, models & configurations

If the price of a new LCMS system is cost prohibitive, or you're open to evaluating more affordable solutions like a used or refurbished LCMS system, then you'll need to do some research to have the best buying experience. 

Start by determining what LC MS models and configurations will work for your specific needs, generally you will find that most older models from leading brands will work just as well as their current LC MS units for your needs. For example an Agilent 1260 Infinity 1 paired with a Agilent 6490 Mass Spectrometer will generally serve your needs just as well as a 1260 Infinity 2  Liquid Chromatography System paired with a 6495 Mass Spectrometry unit. The EPA Method Site can be a very good source of information as the equipment used to develop the method is generally indicated, feel free to reach out and we can guide you as to which equipment and configuration will match the EPA's method.

Researching LC/MS prices for different brands

As mentioned above it is quite common for older models to be able to serve your needs, beyond researching models from one brand you'll also want to research other brands and which of their models fit your needs. For example in many cases a TQ/S Waters Acquity LCMS ARC system will compare well to the Agilent 1260 Infinity 2 with a 6495 MS configuration and the Waters I Series TQ/S would do most of what the ARC system could do. 

New LC/MS Price Vs Used or Refurbished Pricing

When buying a new system you're definitely getting all the latest bells and whistles, you're guaranteed availability of a maintenance agreement with the manufacturer and may have an easier time financing your purchase. (Although financing for Refurbished Systems is also available.) You will however pay a considerable premium for the luxury of a new LC/MS system; the price difference from a New System to a Refurbished system (both with some warranty) can range from $50,000 to $300,000 or more. Buying a used LCM/MS system is a risk, however the price difference in some instances could exceed $350,000; you do however run the risk of purchasing a $100,000 paper weight.  

Refurbished LC/MS Pricing vs Used LC/MS Price

The pricing between used and refurbished LC/MS systems is generally around 30% depending on a number of factors. As you may expect purchasing a used unit from a lab that's closing down, being able to see the unit in working order and having access to the maintenance history is very different from buying an as is or for parts LC/MS system. 

Refurbished units, especially ones that have been refurbished by a reputable entity with a stellar reputation such as AMP Tech Instruments will generally offer a great balance between affordability and peace of mind. An LC/MS system with warranty, OEM replacement parts, OP/OQ testing with documentation certified to perform at or above industry standards will still net you a 50% to 70% savings on the pricing of a new unit. Refurbished unit purchases from reputable laboratory instrument suppliers are also easier to finance than purchasing a used system. Refurbished systems with no warranty, no guarantee that OEM parts were used and little to no testing performed on the units may be a little cheaper (not always) but they provide less peace of mind. 

AMP Tech Refurbished & Certified with Warranty LCMS

Our team conducts extensive testing using industry standard test methods as well as tests that simulate real-life lab conditions. Post testing the equipment is calibrated to meet or exceed industry standard specifications. (OQ) & (PQ) Operational & Performance Qualification verifications are conducted ensuring the Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry equipment operates correctly in the specified working range and according to its intended use. All equipment is thoroughly inspected upon receipt, disassembled, cleaned and examined all parts thoroughly for signs of wear or damage. Any worn or damaged items are repaired to like new condition or replaced with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure that this AMP Tech certified refurbished laboratory equipment performs at or above industry standards.

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