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Recertification Process

Step 1: Acquisition

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Our journey begins with the procurement of used lab equipment from esteemed organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and government agencies. We only acquire equipment in good condition and with a solid maintenance history, thereby paving the way for a productive second life.

Step 2: Inspection and Cleaning

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Each piece of equipment is carefully inspected and cleaned upon arrival at our facility. Our skilled technicians disassemble the equipment, clean all parts thoroughly, and examine them for any signs of wear or damage, ensuring the integrity and future performance of each item.

Step 3: Repair and Replacement

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Any parts found to be worn or damaged during the inspection are promptly repaired or replaced with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. This guarantees that our recertified equipment performs like new and provides optimal service for an extended lifecycle.

Step 4: Testing and Calibration

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Our recertification process incorporates extensive testing stages. By simulating real-life lab conditions and using original equipment manufacturer test methods, we ensure each piece functions accurately and reliably. Once the equipment passes these stringent tests, it is calibrated to meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. This careful calibration ensures the precision and reliability of each piece.

Step 5: Validation

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Validation is a crucial step in our process, similar to lab practices of Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ). Our team verifies that the equipment operates correctly in the specified working range and consistently performs according to its intended use. This further ensures the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of our recertified equipment.

Step 6: Recertification

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Once validated, the equipment is officially recertified. We provide a detailed report of the testing, calibration, validation, and recertification process, coupled with any applicable warranty or service agreements. Our commitment to you is highlighted in this step, underlining our promise of delivering equipment that's safe, functional, and ready for its next chapter.

Step 7: Final Cleaning, Sterilization, Packaging, and Shipping

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The final phase of our recertification process involves another thorough cleaning and sterilization, ensuring each piece is immaculate and ready for immediate use in a new lab environment. Our team then carefully packages and ships each item with utmost care, ensuring that it reaches you in impeccable condition, ready to contribute to your lab's critical work.

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