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Biotage Initiator+ Plus Microwave Organic Synthesis Synthesizer w/Robot Sixty


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Biotage Initiator+ Plus Microwave Organic Synthesis Synthesizer w/Robot Sixty


✅ This Biotage Initiator+ Synthesizer has been fully tested in-house to perform at Manufacturer's Specifications


Product Description

Automation for Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis

Biotage Initiator+ can be upgraded from a single-sample manual format to an automated 8 or 60 position system. The modular design allows a user to add on different automated sample processors dependent on throughput requirements.

The 60-position sample bed supports the production of focused libraries, multi-user environments and scale-out, and use of both large and small vials in any order without manual intervention.


Your Chemistry. Simpler.

Heating reactions to high temperatures and pressures of up to 300 °C and 30 bar opens new possibilities in chemical synthesis. Now there is ultimate flexibility in choosing a solvent: even low boiling point solvents can now be run at higher temperatures. Using “Regulate on pressure” enables the reaction to reach highest possible temperature during the run. A simpler process for delivering your chemistry.

Your Chemistry. Faster.

Most chemical reactions require heating, and typically can take several hours to complete. This is a major bottleneck to chemical synthesis. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. The Biotage Initiator+ microwave system allows reactions to be completed in a fraction of the time – so an average reaction that usually takes hours is over in minutes. How does it do this? By super-heating the reaction under pressure to greater than the solvent boiling point, driving reactions to completion in record time. Your chemistry, faster.

Your Chemistry. Greener.

Reactions that by conventional heating methods take hours can now be achieved in minutes, greatly reducing the energy consumption and therefore green footprint of the chemistry. Direct heating of the sample and solvent through microwave absorption (as opposed to convention heating) also allows high concentrations of reactants to be used, reducing the solvent requirements and therefore the after-reaction waste.


  • Biotage Initiator+ Plus Microwave Synthesizer
  • Biotage Robot Eight 60-position Robot Sample System
  • 1x Biotage 30 Position Vial Rack
  • 1x Biotage 12 Position Vial Rack

System Requirements
Location A laboratory fume hood with the capacity to handle leakage of solvents and provide suitable airflow to prevent the build-up of flammable vapors.
Ambient Temperature

Operating Temperature: 18–32 °C

Storage and transportation temperature: -25 °C to 60 °C

Humidity 20–95% RH (non-condensing).
Electrical Supply 100–120, 220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Connect only to a grounded outlet.
Max Power Consumed 1100 VA
Cooling Pressurized air supply: >60 L/min (2.1 cubic feet/min), 2.5–4.0 bar (0.25–0.40 MPa; 36–58 psi)
Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)
Dimensions Footprint: (W x D x H) 625 x 422 x 470 mm (24.6" x 16.6" x 18.5")
Max Sound Level 70 dB(A)
Ports Ethernet LAN port. Complies with IEEE 802.3 (ANSI 8802-3). USB port. Complies with USB 3.0
Interface On-board computer with 10.4” diagonal touch screen interface. Archiving/back-up is done via USB. Printing is done via LAN.
Certificates CE, CSA certified
Heating Process
Temperature Range 40–300 °C
Temperature Increase Typically 2–5 °C/sec depending on solvent and power applied
Reaction Time Up to 96 hours. Typically, most reactions require 2–15 minutes of irradiation.
Pressure Range 0–302 bar (3 MPa; 435 psi)
Power Range 0–400 W from magnetron at 2.45 GHz
Reaction Volumes 0.2–20 mL
Agitation Variable magnetic stirrer (300–900 RPM)
Sample Processor Robot Sixty - Processing capacity 60 vials - Rack capacity (large) 2x12 vials - Rack capacity (small) 2x30 vials


Product Specsheet

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Recertification Process
Recertification Process

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Our journey begins with the procurement of used lab equipment from esteemed organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and government agencies. We only acquire equipment in good condition and with a solid maintenance history, thereby paving the way for a productive second life.

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Step 3: Repair and Replacement

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Step 4: Testing and Calibration

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Our recertification process incorporates extensive testing stages. By simulating real-life lab conditions and using original equipment manufacturer test methods, we ensure each piece functions accurately and reliably. Once the equipment passes these stringent tests, it is calibrated to meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. This careful calibration ensures the precision and reliability of each piece.

Step 5: Validation

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Validation is a crucial step in our process, similar to lab practices of Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ). Our team verifies that the equipment operates correctly in the specified working range and consistently performs according to its intended use. This further ensures the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of our recertified equipment.

Step 6: Recertification

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Once validated, the equipment is officially recertified. We provide a detailed report of the testing, calibration, validation, and recertification process, coupled with any applicable warranty or service agreements. Our commitment to you is highlighted in this step, underlining our promise of delivering equipment that's safe, functional, and ready for its next chapter.

Step 7: Final Cleaning, Sterilization, Packaging, and Shipping

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The final phase of our recertification process involves another thorough cleaning and sterilization, ensuring each piece is immaculate and ready for immediate use in a new lab environment. Our team then carefully packages and ships each item with utmost care, ensuring that it reaches you in impeccable condition, ready to contribute to your lab's critical work.

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